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Film show

2024 Season
Official Program

Take a moment to read about all the films selected for this years festival! 

In the 'Meet the Filmmakers' Section Below, take a moment and learn a little bit about the filmmakers, and read a little bit about why they made their respective films.

Finally we are excited to show you some of the amazing behind the scenes and still frames from many of the films submitted this year in our Behind the Scenes Section at the bottom of this page!

Our Festival Runs July 1-14th

Audience Award Voting Ends July 12th

Awards are Announced July 13th

730 Days
Dir. LaDawn Manual

As the second anniversary of his partner's passing approaches, Dominic finds it increasingly difficult to navigate his grief.


Dir. Leonard Collins

After spending months in isolation, a man wrestles with his growing social anxiety after receiving an invitation to a party.


Harra and The Donkey
Dir. Chris Malone

When a cartoonist plans to end the comic strip series that made him famous, he is visited by his own creation who tries to persuade him to continue the comic strip. Now, he must make a life-altering decision whether to keep doing the comic strip or return to where he feels his true passion lies.


Dir. Kiefer Inson

A lone hit-man reflects upon the artistry of his craft while stalking his next target.


Dir. Logan McKennah Brown, Hannah Looney

A film produced recently as part of the 48 Hour Film Project


The Prize of Ocean City
Dir. Holden Conner

Three friends discover what it really means to have a fun day in Ocean City



This kiss tastes like cement 👄😈✨🔪 an uncomfortable reflection on police brutality and superficial youth.

An experimental film viewable in both traditional and VR 360 formats, for stitched 360 version please view with this link:


Ghost Trials
Dir. Will Sidaros

Ghost Trials is a short film about a seemingly strong bond between a father and son, reinforced through their love of video games. However, when 8-year-old Henry watches his father walk out of his life, he holds onto hope that he'll return, racing his father's ghost in a video game to be with his father. But years later, his father's return forces Henry to confront those faults and the ghosts that haunt each of them.


How to Feel Fulfilled at Work
Dir. Nate Henry

Unhappy with his relationship and his new job working at a tech startup, Brian is at the end of his rope. It only takes a little push from his boss for him to finally snap.


Live your Life
Dir. Khubab Hassan

After a heated argument with her parents, alongside everything else in her life, an average college kid breaks. Wanting nothing more than to end the pain in her life, she decides there’s only one way out. As this kid prepares to commit suicide, she is halted by a mysterious spirit who has a bit of a snarky nature. The young spirit then takes the kid on a journey to the future in the hopes of convincing her to live her life.


Spectral Seers
Dir. Devon Kuhn

3 friends document their next case in hopes of winning a national competition to win their own paranormal investigation television series.


Meet the Filmmakers!

It takes a village to make a movie!

Here are some of the amazing folks that made the films above possible!

Behind the Scenes!
Additional Images from the Films!

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