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Beacon Hill Film Festival

July 2024



​Film has the unique ability to transport us and our imaginations to both familiar and unfamiliar places.

Beacon Hill Film Festival, is an online film showcase that celebrates the art of short films, and the filmmakers that make them.

The Beacon Hill Film Festival is an online film festival run by Old Dominion Film Works (ODFW). 

Proceeds from submission fees, and merchandise sales goes towards ODFWs mission of  creating opportunities for young professionals in the arts and entertainment industry in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area. 

The Beacon Hill Film Festival looks to create funding streams to help local filmmakers create passion projects to both build creative voices, but also help provide training and opportunity to people entering the industry.

Our Namesake

Beacon Hill Film Festival gets its name from a neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia

that was formerly home to the Beacon Hill Airport (1929-1959).

"Beacon Hill" name more specifically derives its name from a navigational beacon "Airway Beacon No 55" which was installed in the earliest days of the airfield to help pilots of the US Airmail Service.

We proudly honor the heritage of this region with our DMV Hometown Award!

To learn more about the history of Beacon Hill Airport

click on the link below.

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